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The players

1BIYA Cathy Born on the 18 July 2006 Eclair FF de Sa'a
2ABUMBA II Clarisse Born on the 27 June 2004 Awa FF de Yaoundé
3ESSIMI EWOUDOU Marlene Born on the 29 November 2005 FC Ebolowa Filles
4MAAGUE Mariane Inès Born on the 11 June 2004 Amazones FAP de Yaoundé
5MBIANDJI Suzie Born on the 14 May 2005 Amazones FAP de Yaoundé
6AZANG MVEMBE Bérénice Simone II Born on the 28 April 2004 Fortuna FF
7MEVA CHRISTIANE Kiki Born on the 05 January 2008 Fortuna FF
8NANA Océane Pierette Born on the 15 January 2006 Lekie FF
9EBIKA TABE Brenda Born on the 02 December 2003 Lekie FF
10TOKO NJOYA Achta Born on the 08 July 2005 Eclair FF de Sa'a
11MATAPA NAOUSSI Omerie Delsir Born on the 25 December 2004 FC Ebolowa Filles
12NGASEH MBELE Bernadette Born on the 16 November 2005 Eclair FF de Sa'a
13YEMDJI SKY Syndy Born on the 28 May 2007 Amazones FAP de Yaoundé
14NDJOAH ETO Naomie Leslie Born on the 23 September 2004 Amazones FAP de Yaoundé
15ENGANEMBEN Annie Félicia Born on the 01 April 2004 Awa FF de Yaoundé
16NGOLE Chelsea Born on the 14 June 2007 Awa FF de Yaoundé
17DAHA Camilla Yvette Born on the 18 March 2005 Eclair FF de Sa'a
18SINMI Manuela Born on the 27 June 2005 Authentic FF de Douala
19NGONO Marie Victoire Born on the 15 December 2004 Eclair FF de Sa'a
20TSEDAIWO Paola Leticia Born on the 29 October 2006 Caiman FC Filles
21EBOKO PANGA Mélanie Born on the 18 June 2004 FC Ebolowa Filles
23BIMOGA Christ-L'Or Born on the 16 January 2005 Louves Minproff de Yaoundé

Managers and technical staff

EKO MENDOMO Céline Head of delegation
NDOUMOU MIKE Joséphine Mimozette Head Coach
ELONG BEBEY Yoanne Claude Team manager
HASSAN BALLA Abdoussalami Assistant coach
NDONGO FOUDA Adrienne Clémence Goalkeeper coach
DIGOUE Dang Wang Physical coach
NDONGO Christiane Sorelle Doctor
NSEGUE ESSOMBA Jeanne Marie Physio
AYIMBO KOUO Esther Press officer
NGA Marie Noel Kit manager
ASHU NKONGHO EPSE NTUI Sarah Assistant coach
YENE MESSI Stéphanie Marguerite Kit Manager
AYIMBO KOUO Esther Media officer
NGOLEU LEMEGA Linda Aubierge Security



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