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The players

1GARAY Alejandra Born on the 06 June 2004 FC Chorillo
2SINGLETON Amayah Born on the 03 June 2005 Wake FC - USA
3MONTENEGRO Josselyn Born on the 19 October 2004 Deportivo Chiriqui
4MADRID Dayane Born on the 30 October 2006 Sporting San Miguelito
5ROSAS Meredith Born on the 02 June 2005 Sporting San Miguelito
6SALAZAR Deysiré Born on the 04 May 2004 Tauro FC
7KING Sherline Born on the 03 March 2006 Tauro FC
8PON Diana Born on the 15 August 2004 Penn State University - USA
9HINCAPIE Daniela Born on the 04 March 2005 Club Atletico Independiente
10ESPINO Reggina Born on the 20 June 2006 Sporting San Miguelito
11GIL Aaliyah Born on the 18 July 2004 Tauro FC
12VALDES Maritza Born on the 02 June 2005 Sporting San Miguelito
13CARGILL Nicole Born on the 28 November 2004 Forest Park Bruins - USA
14RIVERA Delineth Born on the 08 May 2006 Sporting San Miguelito
15GROSS Marissa Born on the 08 July 2005 Dallas Texans - USA
16ROJAS Mireilis Born on the 16 July 2004 FC Chorrillo
17GOLDSTEIN Amanda Born on the 04 June 2006 Fram SC - USA
18AROSEMENA Analia Born on the 24 May 2008 Tauro FC
19NAME Aida Born on the 06 March 2005 FC Stars - USA
20NIETO Sara Born on the 19 September 2005 Sporting San Miguelito

Managers and technical staff

ARIAS Manuel President
DE GRACIA Adan Head of delegation
NUNEZ Christian Assistant
YAU Viola Assistant coach
OLMEDO Hugo GK coach
WOODRUFF Cecilio Physical coach
PORTUGAL Julio Doctor
CASTANEDA Carmen Julia Physio
LOO Kristel Physio
DA SILVA Alexander Media officer
LINARES Lidia Kitman
NAVARRO Julia Kitman
GUTIERREZ Raiza Head coach
VARGAS David Physio
MON NÚÑEZ Rosa Psycho
GONZÁLEZ Javier Media



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