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Highlights of the tournament

Gabon (2019)

The players

1OKILA NDZILA Marie Nurlie Born on 27 August 2001 Ballon d’Or
2ASSENG OBOUNET Tatiana Monique Born on 18 January 2004 Tristar FC
3PAHO KOMBI Julienne Born on 03 February 2000 Tristar FC
4NTSAME OBAME Lenayick Born on 03 June 2003 CF Altesse
5EYANG Erica Born on 16 March 2000 Tristar FC
6ZEH OVONO Orly Caprille Born on 15 August 2000 US Bitam
7ROUCHARD OZEGA Nicole Katya Born on 25 February 2002 Tristar FC
8IBOGNI MOUITY Isia Lucrecia Born on 10 April 2000 Munadji FC
9AVOME ENGONE Tania Born on 20 April 2001 CF Altesse
10BIATHOLI MAIMOUNA Victorine Born on 14 May 2003 CF Altesse
11NTOGONE MEZUI Elvina Madanie Born on 20 November 2002 US Bitam
12ONGONGONE Wandy Elodie Born on 10 October 2001 Ballon d’Or
13ONDJANI AMPAGUI Belinda Dixle Born on 29 February 2000 Amazone FC
14ALOUNG MBA Grâce Mirla Born on 16 September 2000 Stade Migovéen
15BIVIGOU Berthe Océane Born on 07 August 2002 CF Altesse
16MINKUE ME NGUEMA Richka Born on 20 May 2003 CF Altesse
17ASSA EKOGHA Louise Cryna Born on 10 November 2002 Ballon d’Or
18MEZUI OBIANG Jessy Ornella Born on 11 November 2001 US Oyem
19MBOMA WISSY Samirha Born on 27 December 2000 Ballon d’Or
20BABA Aissatou Born on 06 February 2002 US Bitam
22MAZEI BOUBADI Chouelzca Elycia Born on 15 December 2000 Pelican FC

Managers and technical staff

NTSAME NGUEMA Leocadlie Head of delegation
MOUSSAVOU Jeanne Head coach
KELO WANER Claude Assistant coach
NZILA Jean Jacques Physical coach
MATEMANGANE Hermine Mireille Kitman
MEDZA ME NDONG Raissa Laure Media officer
NDINGA Julien Cédric Observateur

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