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Highlights of the tournament

France (2019)

The players

0LEROND Justine Born on 29 February 2000 FC Metz
1INNEBEER Mary Born on 02 November 2001 Lille OSC
2RIQUELME JOUANIN Laura Born on 13 November 2001 Toulouse FC
3BOGI Fiona Born on 23 January 2000 Montpellier HSC
4SAINT-GEORGES Emeline Born on 05 April 2000 US St Malo
5LAKRAR Maëlle Born on 27 May 2000 Montpellier HSC
6JEAN-FRANCOIS Oriane Born on 14 August 2001 Paris FC
7BUSSY Kessya Born on 19 June 2001 US Orléans
8OUCHENE Sonia Born on 14 March 2000 Valencia FC (ESP)
9DELABRE Amélie Born on 26 November 2000 FC Metz
10LE MOUËL Margaux Born on 08 August 2001 EA Guingamp
11BALTIMORE Sandy Born on 19 February 2000 Paris SG
12MARTINEZ-DOUARCHE Lisa Born on 13 June 2000 Montpellier HSC
13JÉZÉQUEL Emmy Born on 21 February 2001 EA Guingamp
14BERNARD Maëva Born on 18 July 2001 AS Saint-Etienne
15CHANEY Amanda Born on 17 March 2000 Dijon FCO
16WAHL Manon Born on 27 June 2001 SC Sand (GER)
17PHILIPPE Chloé Born on 21 January 2000 Stade de Reims
18RIBEIRO DE CARVALHO Mélanie Born on 12 September 2000 Paris FC
19BADR-BASSEM Chaïma Born on 07 December 2001 Toulouse FC
20CARDIA Mickaella Born on 16 March 2000 Olympique de Marseille
21FELLER Naomie Born on 06 November 2001 Stade de Reims
22BÉCHÉ Amandine Born on 12 November 2001 EA Guingamp

Managers and technical staff

FUSTEC Jean-Yves Head of delegation
EYQUEM Gilles Head coach
RINGLER Sandrine Assistant coach
MOREAU Sophie Doctor
ROUX Sandrine Goalkeeper coach
EMORINE Marie Doctor
MOUREAUX Jérémy Préparateur physique

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