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Highlights of the tournament

Maurice Revello Tournament 2022 awards

BEST PLAYER - Telasco Segovia (Venezuela)

Telasco Segovia, who arrived in France as an unknown, is leaving like a star. The Deportivo Lara midfielder has dominated the competition for a fortnight. From his touch to his vision and his composure in front of goal, the 19-year-old Venezuelan was the team's playmaker in every game. The Barquisimeto boy was often supported by his captain Daniel Perez, but he was the architect of the Vinotinto's outstanding performance, scoring two goals in the tournament, including one against France in the final.


He is THE symbol of this flamboyant French team during this fortnight. The top scorer of the tournament with five goals, Sekou Mara was the spearhead of Les Bleuets, scoring in all three of France's defeats of Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. In addition to his efficiency in the penalty area, the Bordeaux native was a poison for all defences with his speed, but also his technical accuracy. He was injured during the final and did not participate in the French revival in the second half, but was the most active during the first 45 minutes. A five-star performance.

THIRD BEST PLAYER - Maghnes Akliouche (France)

Technical, fast, goalscorer, passer... Maghnes Akliouche ticks all the boxes to become a star in the coming years. Throughout the tournament, the AS Monaco striker has shown his class in every match. The Frenchman is simply the most decisive player of this 2022 edition, with four goals and three assists. Akliouche has spoiled us with so many technical gestures. The Tremblay-en-France native has only played a handful of games for Monaco last season, but he is likely to see his playing time increase next season on the Rock.


The Argentine gem. While the Albiceleste finished fifth, Alejandro Garnacho was able to make the most of his time at the tournament. With four goals and an assist, the 17-year-old winger justified his status as one of Manchester United's top prospects. Elegant on the ball, Garnacho surprised everyone with his composure in front of goal for his young age. He proved to all the scouts in the stands in Aubagne for France-Argentina that he possesses an uncommon free-kick shooting ability. A goal that was legitimately voted the best of the tournament.

SPECIAL PRIZE - Andres Ferro (Venezuela)

If Venezuela were so solid defensively, it was certainly thanks to Andres Ferro. The FC Metropolitanos defender was a real leader for his team. Always present to encourage his team-mates, he also impressed with his always accurate footwork. Rarely caught off guard, even against France, Ferro has all the qualities of a modern defender.

BEST GOALKEEPER - Ryoya Kimura (Japan)

Japan's defence was often praised during this 48th edition of the Maurice Revello Tournament. But what would have been their fate if they had not Ryoya Kimura in goal? No one can answer that, but one thing is certain: Kimura was the Samurai Blue's most important defender. The Nihon University goalkeeper made countless saves during the competition, notably against Algeria and Comoros, where he kept his goal intact. Unfortunately, this performance was not repeated against Colombia when he conceded two goals. However, Kimura has made a name for himself during this fortnight and he could soon make the big jump into the Japanese first team.


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