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Highlights of the tournament

DPR Korea (2019)

The players

1YUN Pyol Born on 04 January 2002 Naegohyang FC
2CHOE Ryon Born on 25 June 2003 4,25 SC
3RI Kum Hyang Born on 22 April 2001 Naegohyang FC
4PONG Song Ae Born on 30 November 2001 Naegohyang FC
5SON Ok Ju Born on 07 March 2000 Ryongyang SC
6RI Su Jong Born on 05 July 2002 Naegohyang FC
7RI Su Gyong Born on 14 April 2003 Naegohyang FC
8RYU Sol Song Born on 27 February 2002 Naegohyang FC
9PANG Un Sim Born on 29 June 2001 Naegohyang FC
10KIM Ryu Song Born on 26 February 2002 Naegohyang FC
11O Si Nae Born on 14 January 2001 Naegohyang FC
12PAK Hyon Jong Born on 12 June 2000 Naegohyang FC
13RI Chong Gyong Born on 06 April 2001 Ryongyang SC
14KIM Yun Ok Born on 14 March 2003 Naegohyang FC
15YUN Ji Hwa Born on 03 January 2002 Sopaeksu SC
16KIM Hyang Born on 08 January 2001 Sopaeksu SC
17KIM Kyong Yong Born on 02 January 2001 Naegohyang FC
18YU Son Gum Born on 08 November 2003 Sopaeksu SC
19PAK Il Gyong Born on 18 April 2002 Naegohyang FC
20JONG Yun Mi Born on 04 February 2002 4,25 SC
21RI Sin Ok Born on 26 May 2003 Naegohyang FC

Managers and technical staff

CHOE Hyon Chol Head of delegation
HWANG Un Ok Team manager
SONG Sung Gwon Head coach
JO Ye Hyok Coach
RI Jong Sim Coach
SONG Hye Gyong Team doctor
SIM Ju Hyon Video analyst
CHOE Tong Song Physio

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