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Highlights of the tournament

United States (2022)

The players

1JUSTUS Mia Born on 03 September 2002 Florida State
2SHORES Evelyn Born on 29 December 2004 Tophat
3OKE Ayooluwa Born on 05 April 2003 CAL
4MASON Emily Born on 23 October 2002 Rutgers
5REALE Lilly Born on 12 August 2003 UCLA
6COLTON Emily Born on 23 June 2003 UNC Chapel Hill
7JACKSON Simone Born on 28 January 2003 USC
8LAGEYRE Carina Born on 01 November 2003 Florida United
9COOPER Michelle Born on 04 December 2002 Duke
10MISSIMO Alexis Born on 30 January 2003 University of Texas
11MORRIS Makenna Born on 26 April 2002 Clemson University
12PURCELL Neeku Born on 07 October 2003 OL Reign Academy
13MOULTRIE Olivia Born on 17 September 2005 Portland Thorns
14FLYNN Lauren Born on 22 May 2002 Florida State
15MCCONNELL Aidan Born on 01 February 2003 University of Wisconsin
16PATTERSON Avery Born on 14 June 2002 UNC Chapel Hill
17MENTI Sally Born on 10 March 2002 Santa Clara University
18BYARS Trinity Born on 29 January 2003 University of Texas
19KITAHATA Andrea Born on 01 January 2003 Stanford
20DELLA PERUTA Talia Born on 19 April 2002 UNC Chapel Hill
21ALBERT Korbin Born on 13 October 2003 Notre Dame
23SENTNOR Allyson Born on 18 February 2004 UNC Chapel Hill
25SHAW Jaedyn Born on 20 November 2004 Washington Spirit

Managers and technical staff

KEVINS Tracey Sélectionneur
LUKS Sophie Chef de délégation
TWEED Becki Adjointe
EDWARDS Becky Adjointe
BRISTOL Mike Entraineur des gardiennes
SAVERS Adam Préparateur physique
LUBKE Lisa Analyste vidéo
ALLEN Christina Médecin
THAKER Poonam Médecin
MCLANE Laura Kinésithérapeute
CHARRON Jen Kinésithérapeute
STEFL Laurent Photographe
PAGE Kathryn Intendante
RUIZ-DIAZ Diego Sécurité

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