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19 May 2024

France squad for the 2024 Sud Ladies Cup

The French Football Federation (FFF) announced the list of players called-up to play in the 2024 Sud Ladies Cup. Check out the list below.


Féerine Belhadj (Olympique Lyonnais)
Emma Francart (Fleury 91 FC)
Inès Marques (Paris FC)
Jade Dumas (Le Mans)


Marion Haelewyn (Girondins De Bordeaux)
Romane Lejeune (RC Lens)
Alice Marques (Olympique Lyonnais)
Melween Ndongala (Paris FC)
Léa Notel (Stade de Reims)
Jade Rastocle  (Stade de Reims)
Pauline Sierra (Dijon FCO)


Faustine Bataillard (AS St Etienne)
Airine Fontaine (Fleury FC 91)
Melinda Mendy (Le Havre AC)
Juliette Mossard (FC Nantes)
Chloé Neller (RC Strasbourg)
Maëlle Seguin (Girondins de Bordeaux)


Shana Chossenotte (Stade de Reims)
Adèle Connesson (Stade de Reims)
Chancelle Effa Effa (Le Havre AC)
Pauline Haugou (RC Strasbourg)
Camille Robillard (FC Nantes)
Dona Scannapieco (FC Nantes)
Lucie Calba (FC Metz)

 Head coach : Sandrine Ringler 

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