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24 August 2021

INTERVIEW - Trustin Farrugia Cann : “A huge honor to be voted as the Malta’s best referee for the third time”

FIFA referee Trustin Farrugia Cann has officiated at the Maurice Revello Tounament 2018. Since then, he has enjoyed an astonishing rise that led him to be voted this summer as the Malta’s best referee for the third time in his career. Few days after receiving this individual award, the 35-year-old Maltese referee shared us his thoughts on his refereeing career. Interwiew.

Trustin, the Malta Football Players Association handed you the Best Referee award. How does it feel to being voted once again as the country’s best referee ?

It’s a huge honor and privilege to be voted for the third time as the MFPA’s best referee. This is one of the biggest honors that a referee can win here in Malta.  You have to know that the players vote also for this award, it’s an honor. It’s great in terms of value.

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The Maltese refereeing seems to have developed well over the last years. Can you explain us how the Malta FA supports and helps the local referees  ?

The support from the Malta FA is huge. We have a good set-up under the Chairman of the Malta FA Referees committee Alan Mario Sant, who attended the Maurice Revello Tournament in 2018. The Malta FA provides us an education process, a fitness coach, a nutritionist, a physiotherapist, a medical doctor… all of this is included in the help provided by the Federation. So, when we go abroad, the results are seen in terms of development.

You are in the FIFA Panel since 2016. What does it changed for you ?

This is the sixth FIFA badge for me. I’ve gained experience by refereeing games and so many players in Europe, including the Maurice Revello Tournament in 2018. The more experience you gain, the better the performances would be. Practice makes perfect.

You took part in the Maurice Revello Tournament in 2018. What are your memories from our competition ?

The Maurice Revello Tournament is a very good opportunity for players and also officials as they can show their potential and their talent. It’s also a good opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy the beautiful Southern part of France.

Trustin Farrugia Cann has been in charge of the Maurice Revello Tournament 2018 game between South Korea and Scotland

So far, you have been in charge of many games, notably World Cup and Euro qualifiers but also Europa League games… what is the most memorable game that you have been in charge until now ?

There are more than one game. Every match has its own prestige. However, I think that the Euro 2020 qualifier in Wales, the World Cup 2022 qualifier at Hampden Park in Scotland, the U17 Euro held in Republic of Ireland where I stayed twenty-two days and the Europa League game at the Rapid Vienna stadium are among the best games that I have officiated.

Trustin Cann Farrugia was the referee of the Euro 2020 qualifier between Wales and Azerbaijan (2-1)

You’re now 35. What are your main goals for the upcoming years ?

My aim is to learn about VAR, so that I will be also certified to referee matches with VAR. Also, I would like to referee the Malta FA Trophy final, so that I would have refereed all the honors the Maltese football can offer.

Interviewed by Amayes Brahmi